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The Wonderful World of Studio Ghibli

i'm rebecca i'm 15 this i wish i could kiss pazu this blog is like 90% ghibli 10% personal because i'm a conceited asshole :*

I’m “officially” going on hiatus!

I’ve pretty much let this blog go for the past few months, only ever posting occasionally and never anything original. I’ve been extremely busy lately so I apologize for the lack of a blog here. Eventually maybe during winter break I’ll come back (I actually should be making gifs for digital art lol). So bye guys!! I’ll still be active on my person and a few of my other laid back blogs. If you want to get into contact with me you can message me on my personal and if we’re a mutual, we can exchange snaps or something.

My personal has been changing recently due to unwanted people finding me there. As of now it’s

Bye guys, I look forward to coming back and being an active part of the Studio Ghibli community!


paint me like one of your studio ghibli background sceneries